Here is some feedback from some of the wonderful dancers and teachers I have recently been working with!
Sustaining an injury was a very emotional and challenging time for me. Participating in psychology workshops with Lucie helped me to accept and cope with my injury. Each session was different, allowing me to understand that my thoughts and emotions were expected, and that I should not have felt bad for experiencing them. I learnt that even though being a dancer is a huge part of my identity, it is not all that I am. I have many other qualities and purposes in my life. I always felt comfortable and found it easy to talk to Lucie. I knew I could trust her completely with what was discussed in our sessions. Lucie’s support and guidance allowed me to accept and cope with my injury as well as making me stronger psychologically as an individual.
— Bethany, Freelance Dancer
We had the privilege of meeting Lucie to discuss what the concept of creativity includes as well as what we mean by this terminology in the context of our various dance genres. Lucie gave us input and served as a moderator in our discussions, which were very rewarding and gave the college a brighter insight into what we mean when we ask applicants to show us creativity in our application processes. It was refreshing and sound to get Lucie’s external perspective.
— Madelaine, Assistant Professor in Classical Ballet, Dans och Cirkushögskolan, Sweden
Lucie’s psychology lectures were brilliant – the highlight of my week!
— Carey, Ex Professional Ballet Dancer, MSc Dance Science
Lucie made statistics not only easy to understand, but also truly enjoyable. She has a calm and confident teaching style and will go the extra mile to support you. It was always possible to ask questions, which made the learning atmosphere positive, inclusive and encouraging, allowing me to build my own confidence and to engage with curiosity. Lucie is not only great at explaining the basics to beginners, but also explains more advanced statistics in a way that makes it easy to understand and follow. What stood out the most is that she does not only have an admirable level of subject knowledge, but successfully helps students to reach their potential and is incredibly supportive. I highly recommend Lucie!
— Hannah, RAD Ballet Teacher. MSc Dance Science